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A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China. This is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans and has caused a global health crisis that the World Health Organization officially declared it as a PANDEMIC. 

As the Founder of Beyond Garland Initiative, we have officially launched a campaign to prevent the spread of this virus in Nigeria by visiting several BRT stations 🚉  in Lagos, Nigeria to encourage the Nigerian Government to implement and enforce the compulsory use of hand sanitizers in all public transport systems nationwide as people on the front lines fighting this pandemic still use public transport system even in the lock down and other individuals in emergency situations.

We need all hands ✋ on deck to come together so we can distribute more hand sanitizers to ensure that those who cannot afford hand sanitizers can have one. For sponsorships and partnerships please send an email to as we continue our struggle to put an end to this pandemic in our country.

our thoughts are with everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Together we stand resolute with you, working to get through this difficult time. Let us continue to stand together, to speak with one voice, and to focus on action – not fear. Yet times of crisis also give us a chance to redress the balance and to build stronger partnerships for action. We can achieve much more by communicating, planning, and working together in partnership for the wellbeing of everyone.

As the Founder/CEO of Beyond Garland Initiative, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate🙏 everyone that participated in Beyond Garland Initiative public transport sanitization awareness programme. Your generous contribution of time and energy to this volunteer work was incredible. Your spirits are inspiring – we appreciate all your enthusiasm, thank you😊 so much. 

Also, we want to appreciate all the health care workers, first responders and all those on the front lines fighting the spread of  covid-19 to keep the world 🌎 safe. 

We encourage everyone to stay at home and practice proper hygiene as we struggle to put an end to this pandemic.

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